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Bang ‘Em Smurf, a former affiliate of G-Unit, claims that 50 Cent put a hit out on him after the pair had gone their separate ways following a disagreement years ago.

During a newly published interview with Mikey T The Movie Star & Clark Martin of Report Card Radio, Bang ‘Em Smurf admitted that a lot of people lost their respect for 50, including himself, after watching his recently released music video for “I’m The Man.”

“The real n-ggas don’t fuck with 50,” Bang ‘Em Smurf said. “If you see his new video ‘I’m The Man,’ he’s got a lot of bozos in his video. Some of them n-ggas is Queens n-ggas. These n-ggas is lame n-ggas in that video so that’s why nobody respects Fif no more. He lost his respect and the n-ggas he got around him, the streets don’t respect ‘cause they nobodys.”

“I was gaining my respect back for the n-gga,” Smurf continued. “I was feeling sorry for the n-gga. He had no real n-ggas around him. Even his son don’t f-ck with him. A lot of his fam don’t f-ck with him. I was feeling sorry for the n-gga. [I was] saluting the big homie like it is what it is but then after I seen ‘I’m The Man’ video, I lost all respect ever again for him. We’ll never be friends, we’ll never shake hands [again]. It really f-cked the Unit after I seen that video. Like these the n-ggas he running with? So that confirmed he put a hit on me. That was confirmed. Just like how you were saying [Supreme] and Ja [Rule] put a hit on him, well I can confirm that now ‘cause the same nigga who tried to take a shot at me was in his video, so fuck that whole camp, n-gga. I’ll never be friends [or] none of that.”

Later in the conversation, Bang ‘Em Surf passed comment on the current rift between 50 Cent and Meek Mill. Smurf revealed his belief that nothing would transpire if the two rappers were to meet face-to-face.

“Ain’t nothing gonna happen,” Smurf says. “Ain’t nobody gon’ do nothing. 50 ain’t gon’ do nothing [and] Meek ain’t gon’ do nothing. N-ggas ain’t gonna do nothing. N-ggas gon’ kiss and make up.”

Bang ‘Em Surf’s interview with Report Card Radio can be heard below:


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