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Kobe Bryant’s way of motivating his teammates has always been to push…and slightly infuriate them.

And Kobe’s latest muse is Jordan Clarkson, who threw down a monstrous dunk during the Lakers’ win over the Suns Sunday.

Nick Young, formerly known as Swaggy P, pretended he needed CPR because the dunk was so powerful.

After the game, Clarkson was asked what he remembered about the poster-worthy play, and recalled some advice the soon-to-retire NBA legend gave him in regards to being more aggressive in the paint.

All I remember is Kob telling me that I’ve been going to the hole like a light-skin dude,” he said. “I got to start going like a dark-skin. So, when I seen the lane open up, that’s all I remembered.”

To clarify, John Ireland of Time Warner Cable asked him “You went to the hole like a dark-skin dude?” And Clarkson simply responded, “Yeah.”

With the Lakers getting off to such a rocky start this season, Clarkson’s moves were monumental. But what do you think about Kobe’s advice?

SOURCE: Complex, Twitter | VIDEO SOURCE: Twitter

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