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Still think Spotify is winning the streaming war? Not according to Prince.

He’s long been a supporter of Jay Z‘s latest venture and has even pulled his music from all other platforms. Now, he’s revealing to Ebony Magazine why he thinks Tidal will come out on top:

“HITNRUN sounds like today. Tidal is sinking money into it and they need it. And my heart is always on because I want them to do well. [Beyoncé and Jay Z] have taken a lot of abuse, their family has. A historic amount of abuse between the two of ‘em. And when we win on this, none of us’ll gloat. He’s not the gloating type anyway. He’s slick with his. He says to brush the dirt off your shoulder. Y’all just need to stop. Just calm down! Everybody calm down! There ya go.”

And as society tends to compare any two things that are alike, Prince offered his opinion on the difference between Tidal and Spotify.

“[Tidal has] a million-plus subscribers. Spotify has 10. So if you imagine a million people in front of you? That’s a lot of people. So you gotta talk to them and you getting ready to drop something and all of ‘em are gonna get it. What do you wanna say? How are you gonna move all of ‘em? Oh, now it gets interesting. It’s always going to be the peanut gallery and that’s all right.” 

As the subscribers continue to grow for all the platforms, it is interesting that Apple Music, with a $700 billion backing, is the underdog in this race. Apple did enter the fight a bit late, but as with its other products and services, the tech giant usually has the last laugh.

In the end, will Tidal reign King (or Prince) in the streaming services? Time will tell.

SOURCE: Stereo Gum | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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