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Devon Still has definitely captured America’s hearts and his latest act of kindness is a testament to his generosity.

The NFL player, and dad to our favorite little fighter Leah Still, just made one young girl’s dreams come true. Still heard about the brutal cyberbullying of Texas teenager Nicole Pfister, who is 14 and battling leukemia, and wanted to do something special for her family. So, he reached out to the girl and offered to take her and her family to Disney World.

Just got off the phone with this beautiful young lady and her mom and as you can tell from her story below she is not going to let the ignorance of others stop her A lot of ppl say " Nicole you always seem happy, your never down always positive. " I don't want to give the wrong impression here. Cancer is a Monster. It has robbed me of the best time of my life. Many kids wake up in the morning hating to have to go to school . 📚 I would give anything to be with my friends again learning I have been threw so many changes, 🙎 as a 13 year old girl Watching your hair fall off, having feeding tubes placed, no longer being able to walk and get out of bed for months, having ppl hold u to go to the restroom Then the horrible pain of chemo, so horrible I can't even describe. I threw up for months all day every hr. The Drs. said they could no longer do anything else for me. I had gone from 100 Pds to 69pds. 😐 I cried every night and day, one day I begged my mother to stop, I told her I gave up to plz stop the pain. I told god I was done. Then one day I didn't throw up, nor the next or the next. I started being feed jello. Then made my way to ice creme. My hunger 🍪 was coming back, along with physical therapy I started to move my legs again and the ugly deep purple which had taken over my lower body slowly began to fade. I started walking again. things were beginning to look up for me. Then a day in October 2014 I had intense chemo all day. I went back to the hotel we were staying at and lost the feelings in my legs…. Then I felt my throut closing and could no 😕 longer ask for help. The next thing I remember us waking up in the ICU not being able to feel my left side of my body. I was told it was a stroke. I was was still alive 😎 and I healed. I started to smile again. There has been good days and bad days since then, but I'm alive! 1/19/15 I was told I was in remission A vision of happiness I can't describe. I want to go out and live! Jump off a plane! Do everything I never had the guts to do! Enjoy my family! Enjoy every single moment of my life! 💕 I can't take off my smile because now I am fearless, I am bold, I am a warrior!

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Still, whose own daughter Leah has battled cancer, tells TMZ that he was so touched by Pfister’s situation that he felt he had to do something to uplift her. Internet bullies posted pictures of the teen, writing “Knock, knock, who’s there ‘Not your white blood cells, that’s for sure.”

Pfister’s classmates at her high school in Laredo, Texas have also banded together to support the girl, wearing orange to show solidarity, and reporting her bullies to school authorities.

#teamnicole #nocyberbullying #nobullying #laredo #laredotx #nvolaredo #delaredo

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Still said he wanted to send a message that bullying is simply not ok and that there are people in this world who care.

Excuse us while we go grab some tissues. Such a touching story.

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