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Closing Arguments Held In Zimmerman Trial

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George Zimmerman Removed From Twitter For Violating Ex-Girlfriends Privacy

George Zimmerman has lived far from a quiet life after being acquitted of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012. He’s been arrested three times for domestic abuse and he may soon have another charge to evade. George was recently suspended from Twitter for posting half-nude photos as well as the name, number and email address of his former girlfriend who he accused of cheating on him with a “dirty Muslim”. The photos were in violation of Twitter’s policy which forbids users from posting another persons contact information without their consent. Zimmerman may also face federal charges of cyberharassment and stalking if his ex-girlfriend decides to press charges. [NY Magazine]

Chicago Mayor Will Release Video Footage Of Another Black Man’s Murder

For the past year, the city of Chicago and the family of Ronald Johnson III have been embattled in court over the release of footage depicting the 25-year-old’s murder. In October 2014, Johnson was shot by officer George Hernandez after the victim allegedly pulled out a gun during a foot chase. Following the uprisings in Chicago that have ensued after Laquan McDonald’s video footage was released, mayor Rahm McDonald is attempting to display a convoluted since of transparency between the police and the public. Within the past week, 14-months after Johnson’s death, state attorney general Anita Alvarez said she will look into filing charges against Hernandez. [Chicago Tribune]


This Woman Made History As This City’s First Black Mayor

After winning 61% of votes during a runoff against the incumbent, Rochelle Robinson was elected the mayor of Douglasville, Georgia. On being the first African American woman to achieve this feat, Robinson said, “I am so excited. I am overwhelmed, it’s really indicative of the community we have. 60 years ago today, Rosa Parks sat down so I could stand.” Robinson’s political experience includes serving on the Douglasville-Douglas County Water and Sewer Authority as well as the Douglasville City Council from 2002 to 2006. [Clutch Magazine]

Oprah Lands 8-Figure Deal For New Memoir 

Legendary journalist, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Oprah Winfrey has always been transparent about her life including the death of her only son, Canaan, the struggles she face with her weight as well as the her uphill battle with the launch of her network. Fans of Winfrey probably believe they know everything there is to know about the billionaire, however, she has more to share. Winfrey just inked a reported 8-figuredeal with Flatiron Books for her new memoir, The Life You Want. The multi-million dollar deal will also give Winfrey her own book imprint where she’ll publish several non-fiction titles per year. [USA Today]

Bill Cosby’s Wife May Have To Testify In Defamation Suit

Camille Cosby has been relatively silent amidst the sexual assault scandal that has marred the legacy of her husband of over fifty years. While many of Cosby’s alleged victims are past the statue of limitations for pressing charges in their assault cases, seven women have banned together to file a defamation suit against the comedian. When the proceedings begin in January 2016, Camille may be deposed under oath. “She is intimately involved in Mr. Cosby’s life, both personally and professionally, and she has information that we wish to have that is relevant to the case,” said Joseph Cammarata, a lawyer representing the seven women. This is the first of four defamation suits Cosby will have to endure within the next year from ten of the approximately fifty five women that he’s allegedly victimized over the thirty years. [NY Times]

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