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The Empire Season 2 finale is full of all the egregious plot twists and turns you probably predicted.

Lucious is on a roll. He seems to think that Jamal is delivert since Sky has been acting all lovey dovey toward him after that kiss, and he also closed the Swift Stream deal, but happiness is fleeting on this show.

Meanwhile, Boo Boo Kitty has gone psychotic, and we’re all wondering if Hakeem’s peen is really that banging. It just can’t be. Aside from keeping a clipbook of articles about Hakeem, she has taken to hanging around Rhonda. At this point it really just seems like the writers are keeping Boo Boo Kitty around just for the hell of it, but whatever. Rhonda thinks Boo Boo Kitty is just lonely, but she’s definitely up to something. She’s way too interested in Lucious’ interest in his forthcoming grandson, aka “the Empire heir.” 

Hakeem’s ex, Camilla comes back into town, and she’s married to Mimi. Yup, see where this is going?

Here’s the thing, Empire is a public company that belongs to shareholders. Because of this (and Camilla’s manipulation) Mimi calls a meeting to try to oust Lucious as CEO and Chairman of the label. She even plays a recording she got of him talking greasy about cleaning house as soon as the Swift Stream deal is closed. The board has until 9 pm that night before they meet again to vote, which means Lucious, his lawyer and Andre have to scramble to try and get everyone in pocket. Andre even gets Cookie down with plans to save Lucious because in her eyes, “Lyon Dynasty is she and Hakeem’s company, but Empire records is their legacy, and anyone who tries to steal that is the enemy.” Cookie’s involvement really means she has to convince Hakeem to be down.

Camilla stops by Hakeem’s place and immediately starts playing mind games. Remember last season, they had that creepy mother/son fetish thing going on. Camilla taps back into that, and seduces him.

On the night of the big meeting, it looks as if everything is going in Lucious’ favor until Hakeem throws the vote. This is what Camilla was trying to do all along—get revenge, and Hakeem was too stupid to see that. We knew Hakeem was a weak link, but in case it wasn’t clear just how weak, this episode illustrates that he is the biggest f–k boy we’ve seen thus far. In the end, Mimi turns over the company to her wife while she goes away, and Cookie spits in Camilla’s face, but um…Camilla runs Empire now…at least for the moment.

Finally, we see a softer side of Lucious as he has a melt down about all his hard work going down the drain. He’s a jerk, but he’s actually right and you actually feel bad for him. Cookie, who always coming through in the clutch, reminds him that they still own majority of the shares and talks him off the ledge. They are “Lyons” after all, so this is just the beginning of a long battle to get Lucious back on the board.

Finally, we end on the most dramatic note of the episode. Boo Boo Kitty, or someone she hired (because you can’t see who it is), breaks in to Andre’s house and pushes Rhonda down the stairs. You didn’t think there could be two third generation heirs to the Empire, did you? We don’t know if Rhonda is dead or alive as we see her lying unconscious, but she took a hard tumble, and we’ve all watched soap operas before, so an educated guess says she loses the baby. We have to wait until March to find out, though.


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