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The latest trailer from Will Smith shows the real-life story that the NFL probably doesn’t want you to see.

“This is not a movie that is intended to take down the NFL or destroy football,” director Peter Landsman said of his new film, Concussion.

Will Smith hasn’t been an Oscar contender for a few years now. The actor almost exclusively appears in big-budget movies these days, his upcoming picture Concussion, which premieres in the next few days at the American Film Institute. Movie critics are already saying that this movie could earn the Philadelphia actor and emcee an Oscar for his role in this true life story.

The movie is based from Jeanne Marie LaskasGQ article “Game Brain,” Concussion is about the NFL trying to to cover up a chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) epidemic in the league, and one doctor’s (Smith) mission to uncover the truth.

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