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Fans of The Walking Dead know just how crazy the story lines can get, but never were they meant to spill over into real life.

Unfortunately, that’s just what happened when a New Mexico man killed his friend after binge-watching the show. An inebriated Damon Perry was Netflix and chilling when he began to believe that his friend, Christopher Paquin, had turned into a zombie. In order to stop a zombie attack, Perry allegedly used knives, a microwave oven, an electric guitar, and his own hands to beat his friend to death.

“It was one of the absolute worst (crime scenes) I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been with the department for 15 years,” police department spokesman Moses Marquez told the Daily Beast.

KOB reports that police arrived at the Grants, NM apartment complex after residents called 911 to report a man running around the building and threatening people with a knife. During Perry’s rampage to eradicate the world of zombies, two maintenance workers were able to prevent further attacks by restraining him until police arrived.

Damon has since been charged with murder, and with his bond set at $800,000, police say he now finally seems remorseful.

SOURCE: Daily Beast, KOB | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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