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A person of interest accused of vandalizing an Illinois home that supports the Black Lives Matter movement has been arrested.

Fox2Now reports Kathryn Stout, 62, was charged with four counts of criminal damage to property and one count of disorderly conduct. Stout terrorized the Dersch-Read family, who posted signs outside of their home that read “Black Lives Matter.” The family is comprised of a White married couple with two adopted African-American sons.

The incidents began August 26 and continued on August 29, as well as multiple dates in September. The “Black Lives Matter” signs were thrown in the trash and covered with stickers that read “All,” creating the much-criticized “All Lives Matter” refrain. The family’s lawn and plants were also salted before Sue Dersch noticed a woman (and possible culprit) walking away from their home on Oct. 16.


After hopping in her car and taking a photo of Stout, police were able to successfully identify the woman and place her under arrest.

Fox2Now reports:

‘I knew something was going to happen,’ said Eric Read, 20, one of the couple’s African-American sons. ‘I didn’t know how bad or good it would be, but I knew something was going to happen,’ he said. ‘It was cute at first, we thought someone was trying to come to be peaceful but from there it just escalated and got worse.”

So the family replaced that sign with a new one, but the trouble continued, when someone painted over the ‘V’ to turn ‘lives’ into ‘lies.’ So they put up another sign, this time on the house and left a note wrapped in plastic on the front porch inviting anyone who has a problem with their signs to come over and talk about it.

The next day they found someone had painted over the note.

‘It is just stressful for my parents because they are trying to exercise freedom is speech and people are violating it,’ Read said.

In addition to the vandalism, burned garbage and a mutilated raccoon were also found at the residence. Police have not yet announced whether Stout was connected to those acts.

They’ve also allegedly dismissed a motion to charge Stout with a hate crime. Despite the fact that she knew the family (her son allegedly went to school with the family’s White daughter) the State’s Attorney could not prove Stout knew the family had two adopted Black sons.

Stout is expected in court Nov. 19.



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