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Born Calvin Broadus, Snoop Dog grew up in the tough neighboorhoods of Long Beach California, and got his legendary nickname came from his mother. Snoop’s mother was always fearful for her son falling into slangin’ in the streets, so she made sure he attened church – and that’s where he found his love for performing as part of the church choir.

He found his love for rhyming in high school and shortly after graduating, Snoop was arrested for a drug charge. Snoop spent the next three years in and out of jail. In 1990 Snoop began recording underground tapes with a friend, rapper Warren G. One day Warren gave a cassette to his step brother who was N.W.S.’s Dr. Dre. Dre was impressed with Snoop and began working on his first project for the movie “Deep Cover”.

By the time Dre was recording on his classic album “The Chronic”, Snoop was his right hand man, performing on more than half of the album. The Chronic was a huge hit and gave Snoop the opportunity that he was looking for – his own solo debut album. In 1993, “Doggy Style” hit store shelves and became a bicoastal party athem album. Despite all of his success, Snoop Dogg encountered trouble with the law and was arreseted in connection with a murder of a man who alleged had been stalking him. Snoop was arraigned to stand trial in L.A. on February 1996, the verdict came down as innocent.

Snoop Dogg became one of the most prolific rappers in the 90’s. He has toured the world, released platinum albums and became an entreprenuer and developed his talent as an actor on the big screen and t.v. since the start of his career. Snoop has been an advocate of marijuana smoking, making it one of his trademark images. He continues to tour and releasing new music along with his contributions for the community. He consistant worked with inner city youth and children’s hospitals and coaches youth in his youth football league.

Today we salute one of the O.Gs of that smooth gangsta rap, Snoop D-o-double G!

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