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Lyricist Lounge 20 Year Anniversary Featuring DJ Premier v. Pete Rock

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This is something you do not see everyday. In a world full of turn-up and trap hip-hop sweeping the nation and the youth, their is still hope for us “older” hip-hop heads who enjoy the fundamentals of the genre, which can be argued are far from gone in today’s genre.

Like I said, their are still people like the artist featured in the video below that still dig in the crates and study the greats.

Meet A-F-R-O, a 17 year old rapper with the sound of a 45 year old man, but captures the sound and essences of what hip-hop was created to be. This video from Honda Uncharted series introduces you to a whole different side of hip-hop when it comes to its effect of the youth, and it’s not all about the club life, fame, and fortune.

“I just want to save a life, like some of the greats did mine.” – A-F-R-O