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For many of us, “receipts” is part of our cultural slang, and something that we are usually asking for in shady situations where we don’t believe all we’re being told. Now, it seems as if victims of stop and frisk who do not get arrested, might be in fact collecting receipts from the NYPD, according to the New York Daily News.

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The recommendation was put forth by Peter Zimroth, who is the court-appointed monitor put in place to evaluate and reform the state’s stop and frisk policies. Zimroth reportedly made the recommendation to a Manhattan Federal Court Judge, in a report that was filed yesterday morning.

Zimroth said police officers have requested more detailed instructions with regard to what is expected of them, and they want more guidance on the policy in general. Zimroth’s proposal deems that officer’s must have a credible reason to search, and must go beyond the “whim.” While it does not mean that police officers can only encounter civilians under suspicion of criminal activity or potential criminal activity, it does make it clear that the reasons for stop must go beyond mere ‘instinct.”

The recommendation also makes it clear that stops may not be motivated by race, and only when it is part of a credible suspect’s description. This is to alleviate the racial nature of stop and frisks that largely target Black and Brown men. If the recommendation is accepted, it will go into effect as soon as September 21.

Read more about it at The New York Daily News.


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