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Bill Cosby’s rape allegations are not black and white for some people. While the report came out last week that Bill admitted to giving women Quaaludes before he had sex with them, there are some who believe that we have to wait for all the facts to come out. The law and legal language can be a tricky thing. But it’s hard to believe that the numerous amounts of women who claimed to have been drugged and raped by Cosby are lying; and then him admitting to giving women drugs, is just one big misunderstanding. One woman who has been vocal and clear that she wants to wait for more evidence is Whoopi Goldberg. Another is Bill Bosby’s wife, Camille Cosby.

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According to sources of the New York post, Camille Cosby, who is also Bill’s business manager, believes that the women who are accusing Bill of these allegations consented to both drugs and sex. The Post reports that in a meeting Tuesday night after  issuing strict instructions to advisers and lawyers,Camille said that the entire situation would be fixed and they’re making Bill out to be a “monster.”

We’re going to see how this will all play out sooner or later. But while it does, the reasonable person can at least believe the legacy of Cosby has already been tainted, if not totally destroyed.


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