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Bobbi Kristina

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You know the saying? “Blood is thicker than water?” It is often used to characterize how our familial ties are stronger than our non-familial ties? Well, that may or may not be the case. But “blood” may or may not always be thicker than money – which is a tragedy. In the latest update on Bobby Kristina, as the young girl continues to fight for her life, it is unfortunate that rather than this update containing some potential good news, the update is about an alleged family member who took a picture of Kristina in the hospice as she lay unconscious.

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It is  incredulous that a human being  wants to profit from this young woman’s tragedy, and to think it is a family member, makes the scenario ten thousand times worse. It makes any decent person sick to their stomach and as expected, other family members of Kristina are furious about the incident. Allegedly, the family member in question which has been reported as a woman, but has yet to be identified. But the reports do claim that she is asking for up to $100,000 from several publications in exchange for the picture. Bobby Kristina’s aunt Leah Brown has taken to Facebook to condemn the actions and said she will make family members go through lie detector tests if need be. We hope she does. Either way, this is shameful.

We continue to keep Bobbi in our thoughts and prayers.


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