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Chuck D

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Public Enemy’s inspiration for their new album Man Plans, God Laughs came from today’s hip hop stars.

Chuck D revealed during an interview with Maxim, “I was inspired by Run the Jewels and Kendrick Lamar, but stayed far enough away from them to still be Public Enemy. We’re making a comment about the 21st century in this technological yet still political world. It will be able to tell its own story without me trying to talk to it. It’s out July 13.

Chuck also gave us his thoughts on Jay-Z’s music streaming service TIDAL, and whether or not the platform will see success.

People shouldn’t think everything has to be as big as they think it should be,” he says. “How come it can’t be a small aggregator? Why does everything gotta be the big fucking church of whatever? The lawyers and the business people wanna get paid, so everything has gotta be over the top and big. And when you do that with something you don’t know about, it’s bound to collapse hard. When it does well, you don’t know how well it’s doing because you only counting the money, and when it does bad, you don’t know because you only counting the money that you lost.

Read the full interview, Chuck D also reflects on Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet as the album celebrates its 25th anniversary, click here.

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