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In 50’s first video, he’s sitting in his office talking on the phone about how Diddy’s in jail because “sh-t got real with the coach.” Of course, he’s strategically sitting right in front of a promotional poster for both his vodka and his hit Showtime series, Power. The last thing we see is him getting up from his desk to go save Diddy.

Yeah man, they say Puffy went Circo co-co on the coach with a kettle bell,” Diddy says at the beginning of the second video, on the phone again. this time talking about bailing Diddy out of jail for fighting with the coach. A moment later he’s sitting at a table counting large stacks of cash to meet Diddy’s “bail.” “I’m counting the bail money right now so I can get him, before he f–k me up. I’m scared to death around here,” 50 says as he counts the stacks. Sadly, that’s the last of the videos.

In a separate upload, 50 posted a picture of Puff attacking a man (reportedly taken during the filming of a movie). The photo featured the following text over it: “When you asked for Ciroc And they bring you Effen.” And in the caption to the picture, 50 wrote: “LMAO DAMN PUFF IT WAS A ACCIDENT !!!! #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO”

Then 50’s post vanishes on his Instagram but replaced with a picture of 50 Cent near kettlebells and a video about Diddy being reported to making a terrorist threats.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo


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