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A Georgia father was forced to go into full superhero mode after his fiancée’s Kia SUV was carjacked with his 8-year-old in the backseat, ABC News reports.

Malcolm Millones was at a gas station in Fulton County when the terrifying incident occurred. After his fiancée went into the gas station to pay, the father says he turned away for a moment, during which a teenager hopped into the car. The suspect then drove away.

“I was shrieking, I hate to admit it, but … I’ve never been scared before until now. I never really felt fear until now, honestly,” Millones said later. “I never intended to let go.”

Surveillance cameras caught what happened next — Millones ran after the car and jumped onto the driver’s side, scaring the suspect. The moment gave his son, Rashaan, time to hop out of the vehicle.

Rashaan was unharmed, but Millones sustained a few injuries, including a broken arm. The third-grader spoke highly of his father:

“I would say it’s cool and brave for my dad to jump on a car and get his arm broken for me,” he said.

We’re glad Millones and Rashaan are safe and can enjoy Father’s Day together. Police are still on the hunt for the teen and the stolen Kia Sorento.



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