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Did Snoop Dogg go too far in an interview?

The Doggfather recently visited Canada for filming episodes for the 10th season of Trailer Park Boys, for which he is reportedly scheduled to make an appearance.

Snoop was interviewed by a CBC reporter during which he made a comment toward the CBC camerawoman filming the interview. The LBC rapper has since come under a wave of criticism regarding his comments.

Among those speaking out is CBC’s Stephanie Clattenburg, the camerawoman to whom Snoop Dogg’s remarks were directed towards. “It was creepy and awkward but I just laughed it off,” Clattenburg says. “Then later on I realized, why does he get a free pass because he’s a rapper?”

Elizabeth McMillan, the CBC reporter conducting the interview, also weighed in on the matter.

“It was uncomfortable,” McMillan says. “In retrospect I wish I handled it differently. But it felt like a no-win situation. So I just gritted my teeth and tried to get through.”

Creepy Snoop? or That’s Just Snoop being Snoop?

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