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The Big Test

This episode of Blood Sweat and Heels opened with Mica and her boo having the big discussion about getting tested. Mica, having had a sister who died of AIDS, takes HIV/AIDS testing seriously. Things are really good between she and Kevin but he must submit to a test before he gets the draws. He was cool about it, so Mica broke out a home kit and they handled their business. Both came out negative so you already know, it was time to get busy.

The Munaluchi Bride

Demetria, gearing up for her wedding in two-and-a-half weeks, decided to switch her dress at the last minute. She fell in love with one of the dresses from her Munaluchi Bride shoot, so she went to the boutique where it was made to try it on and inquire about the price, but got the surprise of her life when they gave it to her for free. That’s a $30,000 dress that she got for free! Must be nice.

Chatty Patty Arzo

Later on in the episode finds us in Brooklyn, where Arzo and Melyssa linked up with Demetria for dinner. Demetria needed to wind down from all the working and wedding planning she had been doing. She revealed that after several conversations with Greg, they finally came to an agreement that Geneva could come to the wedding. But Melyssa, shirking her Switzerland title, got messy boots and urged Arzo to be a Chatty Patty. Arzo tells Demetria that Geneva was talking smack when they went to the apple orchard. In anger, Geneva said that Greg’s actions were bitchass, and Arzo couldn’t wait to tell Melyssa what she heard.

Melyssa decided to be petty and force Arzo to tell Demetria. We already know that Melyssa doesn’t like Geneva, so this was obviously vindictiveness at play. Demetria does have common sense so she understood that Geneva was probably just upset, and plans to have a chat with her on the strength of the two of them being friends.

Mica’s Big Loss

We find our way back to Mica, who isn’t doing well because she found out that her beloved grandmother passed away, so she makes the sad trip home to be with her family.

Daisy’s Prayer

The episode closes at Daisy’s prayer vigil, where friends and family gathered to support her. All of the women except for Mica and Demetria showed up. Mica was obviously with her family, but Demetria may have just decided it was best to stay away.

Geneva comes to support despite having learned that her aunt died of breast cancer that morning. The vigil had good energy all around, and everyone said prayers for Daisy’s health. According to Daisy’s doctor, she is “cautiously in remission.” Next week is the season finale where we finally get to see the wedding and the fight.

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