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The debate regarding Eminem’s status and prestige within hip-hop has been widely debated for years. Although some artists disagree with the notion that he’s the king of hip-hop, they all seem to find mutual ground in the fact that the Detroit native is an incredible lyricist.

During a newly published interview VladTV, Capone-N-Noreaga’s N.O.R.E. weighed in on the debate and made an interesting revelation while doing so, calling Eminem hip-hop’s Elvis Presley.

“Eminem is a king in his own right,” N.O.R.E. says. “He has changed hip-hop. Before Eminem, all the white guys—and I’m not dissing any of them—but besides the Beastie Boys [all of the white guys] was kinda dressing black, was kinda trying to be black. Eminem transcended that. He was the first white guy that was like, ‘I’m white.’

“Now if you were to say who is more influential, I would have to say Jay Z,” N.O.R.E. adds. “I bought more Jay Z albums than Eminem albums but that’s me, that’s my personal preference. Eminem, I’ve seen him change the game… Eminem is our Elvis and I think we should claim that. I think Dr. Dre is a genius for having the foresight for that. I think Jimmy Iovine is a genius for having the foresight for that.”

Is Eminem’s hip-hop’s Elvis?

N.O.R.E.’s interview with VladTV can be viewed below:


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