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Obama In Camden New Jersey

Source: Mark Makela / Getty

Camden, New Jersey considered to be the most dangerous and violent city in America, recently received a visit from the President of the United States.
On Monday, May 18 2015, President Obama took to New Jersey, to meet with the community and city officials and discuss ways Camden will try to improve the city and it’s neighborhoods. During his speech, held at the Salvation Army’s Kroc Center, Obama explained ways the residents of New Jersey and local police officers could come together in hopes to build better communities. He mentioned things like getting police officers out in the community more often, even when there are no crimes taking place.

While media outlets were seeking coverage of the speech, Radio One decided to step outside the box and hear from the residents of Camden first. In a brief interview, footage was captured from a few people who were among the crowd waiting for Obama’s arrival. Take a look below to hear what they had to say about yesterday’s events.