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Bill Cosby has finally broken his silence about the sexual assault allegations that have been piling up against him. He appeared on Good Morning America on Friday May 15 to promote the Black Belt Community Foundation, a non-profit that helps improve education for children in poverty-stricken areas near Selma, Alabama.

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The ABC anchor, Linsey Davis asked Cosby how he would react if the children he’s helping were to confront him about his sexual assault allegations, and he said, “I’m not sure that they will come like that. I think that many of them say, “Well you’re a hypocrite” … My point is, okay, listen to me carefully, I’m telling you where the road is out. You wanna be here, or you wanna be concerned about who is giving you the message. The reality is the situation and I can’t speak.”


While we don’t expect for Cosby to come out and say, “I did not rape those women!” or “Yes, I sexually assaulted those women and I am ashamed,” we didn’t expect him to ramble on in a nonsensical string of sentences.

“I’m telling you where the road is out…” what does that mean? The question he plans on asking the make-belief kid who will ask him the scary question about the allegations is confusing to say the lease. We’re pretty sure the “kid” would be concerned with who is giving the message as well as being in the space, so….what?!

SMH. We feel bad for Cosby, but these allegations are plenty and it’s a scary thing to watch the father you loved growing up become an ostracized monster.

According to reports, more of Cosby the interview will air on Nightline on Friday night.


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