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Boom Moment In Hip-Hop (May 2013)

2013 was a mega year for hip-hop releases. From veterans like Hov, Wayne, Talib, LL, Styles P, and up and comers like Drake, A$AP Rocky, Tyler, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Cudi, Big Sean, there was definitely something released that year that hip-hop heads of all ages could enjoy.

Kanye West announced that his sixth studio album Yeezus would be released on June 18th to many fans delight. But there was an up and coming emcee that wanted to take over the top spot from the vets, and his name was J. Cole, who after hearing of Kanye’s announced release date, decided to push up his album release for Born Sinner and drop it on the same exact day.

On the track “Forbidden Fruit” featuring Kendrick Lamar, Cole is quoted saying.

I’mma drop the album same day as Kanye

Just to show the boyz I’m the man now like Wanyá

And I don’t mean no disrespect, I praise legends

But this what’s next, the boy sick, can’t disinfect”

Yeezus debuted number 2 behind J Cole’s Born Sinner in the US in first week sales, but after a few months Yeezus picked up momentum and went certified Platinum on January 8th 2014. Born Sinner has sold sold over 720,000 copies in the United States.

J. Cole

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This was a signicicant moment in hip-hop, having Jay Z’s former Roc-A-Fella protigy square off against his current Roc Nation artist. Both albums delivered in their own right.

Cole has recently went platinum on his latest album Forrest Hills Drive, and Kanye West plans to drop an album this year titled SWISH.

J.Cole-Forbidden Fruit

Kanye West- Blood On The Leaves

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