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Kenya Moore

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Kenya Moore isn’t the type of woman you want flirting with your man. With a gorgeous face, perfectly sculpted behind and charming hazel eyes — she’s definitely a threat. Don’t expect her to say the same about her costar and arch enemy NeNe Leakes.

According to the Kenya, if NeNe “walked into a room,” no one would “hold onto their husbands,” which is why she’s been able to get away with flirting with Peter and Kenya’s still defending herself after the pool fiasco with Apollo.

Since Kenya’s twirlful debut on RHOA, she’s kept the Sunday night favorite in a constant shaken state. This season, her friendships with Claudia Jordan and Cynthia Bailey flourished, but the tension between her, NeNe, Porsha and Phaedra swelled to Louboutin heel height. Bring on the reunion.

The first two parts of the RHOA reunion special aired these last weeks bringing with it, shady moments that ended in screaming matches. Phaedra called Kenya a “whore” again, Porsha refused to apologize and NeNe, well NeNe transformed to Nay Nay and well ballistic when Kenya mentioned how she once flirted with Cynthia’s hubby Peter. (NeNe denied it.)

RHOA may have made Kenya a household name (if you didn’t know who she was already), but the former parent queen has been acting since. Peep her appearance in Waiting To Exhale. It was only a matter of time before she produced a movie or show on her own. Insert Life Twirls On. (We too think it’s a ridiculous name). A rom-com starring Leon (his fine self), Cynthia Bailey and Janet Hubert.

Earlier this week, Hubert claimed, in a Facebook post, that she filed criminal fraud charges against the reality star for “falsifying official time sheets.” Kenya didn’t say much about the situation, but did reassure us Hubert’s claims were “false,” during a 30-minute chat about everything you want to know.

Catch the tea, below:

HelloBeautiful: Can you explain the animosity between you and Phaedra on the reunion?

Kenya Moore: I think Phaedra has never moved on. I’ve fought for two years to clear my name. I’ve apologized before to her and she’s never accepted any of those peace offerings. So the when the reunion came around, we were talking casually about everything that happened and I think I was pretty open and honest and she called me a “whore” again. At some point, it’s very clear who would like to move on and who would. Phaedra is stuck and she doesn’t want to forgive, though she made it seem that way.

HB: If you were in Phaedra position would you be able to forgive you?

KM: Yes. Because it’s your duty to forgive other people. Flirting is one thing. I think for me being playful — other people consider that as being flirtatious but if you know my personality, I’m naturally playful, I’m naturally flirtatious. I’m like a big kid. I think if you were trying to do something sneaky you would do it behind everyone’s back. I think if she really believed that I was truly flirting with him, she wouldn’t have gone on to continue be friends with me — which she did. She wouldn’t have gone to business with me — which she did.

HB: How do you feel about NeNe saying unmarried cast members should be kicked off the show?

KM: There’s a lot of shaming done on our show between NeNe and another friends. They feel as though because they have a husband they are in a better position than single women. You can walk down the street, or go to a prison yard and find a man willing to marry you. I think it’s a bad message to send to the beautiful Black women out there  — the 43 percent of us — who have never been married to say ‘You’re not as good as we are because you’ve never been a wife or you aren’t married now.” Anyone can be married, it’s who you choose to marry.

HB: Why do you think NeNe got so upset when you said she flirted with Peter?

KM: We all saw her flirting talking about how chocolate he was and how fine he was. Like, stop lying, These girls on this show – they want to call people delusional but they are the most delusional. Clearly everybody watched that and just the way people can say I flirted with Apollo, she flirted with Peter. The difference is she’s not a threat to anybody. She’s not a woman, who other women – if she walked into a room — would hold onto their husbands. Let me just be clear about that. That’s why no one made such a big issue of it. Maybe it didn’t go quite as far as the incidents that happened with Apollo, but clearly she was flirting. My point was…people flirt it doesn’t mean they’re trying to sleep with you. It doesn’t make you a whore. It’s innocent flirting.

HB: What was your reaction to Porsha not wanting to apologize to you?

KM: I wasn’t shocked. That was expected because I’ve seen her for an entire year say the same thing. I think she is who she is. I think she’s shown us her true colors. This is the same woman who believed that the Underground Railroad was a train that took slaves to freedom. As the grandfather of someone who was so instrumental and so active in the Civil Rights movement – as the granddaughter of that person – you think physically putting your hands on someone is appropriate then what else can you say to someone who has that kind of impediment? I think she is limited in her comprehension and morally limited. Your grandfather would be rolling over in his grave if he saw half the things that you are doing now.

HB: Is there any truth to Janet Hubert’s claims she wasn’t paid for her role in Life Twirls On?

KM: Those are all false. I don’t fight legal battles on social media. Everyone in my production was paid.

HB: You found love on Millionaire Matchmaker, can you tell us a little about Mr. Right?

KM: I’m really gun shy. Even though I know we met on reality TV I feel like I need to guard that situation. I don’t need to live it in public, I don’t need to tell people or post pictures on Instagram. I just want to enjoy where I am right now. A lot of people are excited for me, so I just have to take baby steps. I’m in a great place in my life. Whether it works out or it doesn’t, what makes me feel good is that I’ve inspired other people. Nearly 43 percent of all Black women have never been married, I feel like I give hope to women who want that.


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