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Houston Hip Hop legend, Scarface released a memoir last week entitled Diary Of A Madman: The Geto Boys, Life, Death, and the Roots of Southern Rap, where he shares extreme personal experiences such as his mental health challenges and attempts to commit suicide.

Hip Hop icon and Public Enemy front man, Chuck D contributed the foreword of Scarface’s book and describes the Houston rapper as an artist who “can put fear in your heart and also touch your soul at the same time.

Brad Jordan is an artist with words as a tool or a weapon,” Chuck D writes. “With laser-like precision he is able to craft entire songs and albums, as part of the Geto Boys or on the solo tip, unlike anyone else. He can put the fear of God in you, turn around and uplift you, then take you down a path that you never saw coming. He can put fear into your heart and also touch your soul at the same time. He can take you on a journey to the dark side and also bring you to the light. That is the beauty of what he does. There is so much to him, so many layers to peel back as an MC, as an artist, and as a man. Hip Hop needs more artists like him, but he is a true original.

Billboard premiered a piece from the book where Scarface explains that his suicide attempts stemmed from a lack of attention from his family.

It wasn’t like that was the first time I’d tried to kill myself,” Scarface says. “I’d been trying to take my own life for years. You name it, I’d tried it. Slitting my wrists with a box cutter and bleeding out all over the bathroom floor, putting loaded guns to my head, all of that shit. If you’d asked me then, I’d have told you straight up: I was ready to go. But I never did it. I never cut myself deep enough or far enough away from my family to be left alone to die. I never pulled the trigger. I never went all the way. That’s why I say that I think I really just wanted the attention. If you really want to go, dying is the easy part. It’s the living that’s hard. That shit takes a lifetime. And it will test you every step of the way.

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