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How could we forget Shanesha Taylor — the desperate mother who left her two children in the car so she could attend a job interview? We shed tears over her teary-eyed mug shot. Taylor’s story moved thousands. Fans were able to raise $110,000 for Taylor and her family following the incident. Taylor was ordered to deposit at least $60,000 of the funds into a savings trust for her family. When Taylor never deposited the funds, questions arose about her use of the money.

The case over the money’s misuse was reinstated by Arizona’s Maricopa County in October 2014 after Taylor didn’t meet the deadlines to create the trusts. On Monday she plead guilty to one count of child abuse, a class 6 felony and a domestic violence offense.

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Taylor has disappointed many since gaining media attention and the crowd-funding project. She allegedly used large portions of the charitable money towards a still unreleased rap album for her baby’s father and on designer clothes too (the latter she’s denied). Before her bad decision-making, the courts suggested/strongly insisted she invest in trusts for her children to avoid any further prosecution. The courts were possibly trying to be sympathetic to the situation as public outcry demanded Taylor to be free since she was doing the right in looking for work and couldn’t afford daycare at the time.

After her guilty stance, she also received 10 years of probation, racked up a $100,000 bill in restitution fines and will have to complete a domestic-violence offenders and parenting class.

Damn girl.


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