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Rapper D. Green hails from Bronx, New York. He raps about love, ambition, and the hardship of escaping the “traps” of his hometown life, over beats that evoke the sweetness of a sunny summer afternoon. The first image that comes to mind upon listening to “For The F.E.W.?” Myself. Cruising down the highway with the windows down and this E.P. blasting.

D. Green started writing music at eleven years old, using it as way to cope with harsh realities of his environment, as well as a way to express his emotions in the midst of intolerance for just that.

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“For The F.E.W.” is smart and artistic; it is truthful without feeling preachy. It is for those who listen to the lyrics, not just the beat; and a love letter to them, even. The first song, “FansEveryWhere,” establishes that. “They tell me dumb it down/ that lyrical s*** doesn’t pay/but if I did honestly there’d be nothing for me to say/And this is for the few that’s gon’ f*** with me either way,” he says. Unapologetic, honest, and grateful. What’s not to like?

D. Green takes it easy for the first two tracks, which center largely on himself  and his goals as an artist. The third track, “Still,” follows in the same vein, but D. Green serves up a rapid-fire flow over a radio-ready beat, as opposed to the lighter, more personal feels of the prior two. Next, in stark contrast follows  “Like This,” the perfect summer love song (and theme music for that windows-down highway cruise I was talking about earlier). Certainly reminiscent of Lupe Fiasco or an early Fabolous. Artist LoVel‘s featured vocals are the perfect compliment to the sunny, upbeat groove.

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Then comes “The Dreamer,” which also provides that same summer-jam feel. The music video, which can be seen below, is gorgeously shot and actually fits the sound and feel of its song, which cannot be said for every hip-hop music video out there today. We are again acquainted with the ambition of D. Green and his powerful lyricism.

The takeaway from “For The F.E.W.” is certainly D. Green’s commitment to artistry, and the pursuit of his dreams without sacrificing his sincerity and the quality of his work. It’s fuel for inspiration. The notion of creating art for art’s sake, rather than solely for the pursuit of women and money is refreshing, and certainly fits “For The F.E.W.” well without being corny.

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The EP’s sound is cohesive, though it varies within that cohesiveness. Listeners won’t be bored, and though every song has its own identity and feel, they all make sense within the context of each other. D. Green will most easily appeal to fans of J. Cole (who he has previously opened for), Fabolous, Mase, and Lupe Fiasco, but it is recommended that everyone gives this E.P. a try. Check out the video for “The Dreamer” below, and stream it along with the rest of “For The F.E.W.” on soundcloud. 

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