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Rich warned Blaze about her out of control temper and behavior.  Paris confronted him about not giving her his attention, and Rich agreed that he should have handled the situation differently.

Chink and Crissy went away to have some quality time together.  Criss pressed him to introduce her to his family, especially since his father has been so sick.  Chink told her that Black made it clear that his family didn’t want to meet her.

Yandy revealed to Tara that Mendeecees let Remy book his last appearance, and that he had told her about it after the fact.

Cisco met his mom, Maggie, at the cemetery to place flowers on his brother’s grave in honor of his birthday.  He asked Maggie to talk to Tasha for him.  She agreed to help him, but asked him to ease up on the ladies for awhile and find himself.

Paris and Cyn met for lunch and Paris filled her in on what went down between her, Rich, and Blaze.

Mendeecees hired Remy as his personal assistant, and Yandy was not too pleased.  Yandy let Mendeecess know that Remy’s attire was unprofessional, as were Remy’s photos of the two of them on Instagram.  Yandy threatened to fire Remy, but Mendeecees insisted she was doing a good job and helping him.

Amina visited Erica on the set of her video shoot, and Erica told her that she’d slept with Bow Wow.  Amina filled Erica in on the situation with Tara, and that she planned to tell Tara about some of the things Peter was doing before he and Amina began dating so she would understand that she hadn’t broken up their family.

Rich met with Blaze—again—to warn her this was her last chance to get it together.  Blaze explained that she felt Paris was disrespecting Rich, and that’s why she flew off the handle.  Blaze promised to apologize.

Tara and Amina finally got together to air out their differences.  Amina revealed that Peter was acting single when she met him, and that he was seeing a bunch of other women.

Diamond met up with Cisco, and she apologized for losing her cool with him at the studio.  She asked him point blank if he was still with Tasha when they were together, and when Cisco refused to answer Diamond began reading text messages between Cisco and Tasha out loud.

Remy showed up at a meeting with Yandy, dressed in an outfit Yandy wore on Instagram and with her hair just like hers.  Yandy told her that it was creepy, and she needed to shape up quickly if she intended to keep working for Mendeecees.

Tara called Peter over to confront him about everything Amina told her, and asked him if he had slept with the women Amina said he’d slept with while they were together.  Peter denied it.

To make up for what went down at the studio with Blaze, Rich took Paris shopping.  Blaze showed up to apologize, and of course, Paris swung at Blaze.

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