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Too many of our children are growing up learning their ABC’s but somehow forgetting their P’s and Q’s. The disrespectful things coming out of their mouths are unbelievable and surprising.  Their attitudes are nasty and outlandish. Seeing this on a daily bases encouraged Snellville Georgia barber to come up with a solution. (super hero theme music)

Russell Frederick, the co-owner of A-1 Kutz Salon has come up with an idea of shaving his sons head bald after his son was receiving bad grades and misbehaving. He gave him the ‘George Jefferson’. The haircut made famous by “The Jefferson’s” Sherman  Hemsley. Russell stated that his son never misbehaved again after that and his grades improved.


Russell Frederick is receiving a lot of positive feedback from his community.  The hair cut style is in high demand among parents who need help disciplining their children.  Frederick stated that the parents are telling him, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

If the kid’s want to act grown we should give them grown up hair cuts.

Click the link to see a picture of the little boy.


Is this a fair punishment for a child?