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Harlem princess Azealia Banks got caught in another web of social media bickering as she’s now been accused of doing Whiteface. The incriminating photo was seen on her Instagram and while naysayers got all riled up, the photo was taken while her makeup was being applied for her “Ice Princess” music video shoot.

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In the photo, she did however caption it #whiteface, so maybe Banks was purposely trying to start the fire. But her sarcasm didn’t transfer and soon a debate on racism and “reverse” racism floored her comments . She responded back on Twitter with fury, and her defenses didn’t weather the situation because she got very militant as usual and went on to justify her use of the racial slurs “n*gger” and “cracker.” Okay, now that we’re not too sure about that, but here are the tweets directly from her all that back-and-forth nonsense.

As you can see, she also called out social media for lauding Snoop Dogg‘s parody of dressing like a White soccer mom, but her in white makeup caused outrage. Girl, Nick Cannon got it too when he did it!

We will give Banks credit for having dug up the lesser known term of “misogynoir” which defines the act of being a misogynist specifically towards Black women. While this was one the very few instances that Banks has said the term to counteract cyber-bullying, past incidents and beefs with artists and the media shows that Banks beliefs anyone that disagrees or challenges her is executing misogynoir.

Including the term, invented by Moya Bailey in 2010, was probably the only thing worthwhile out of the usual messy business that is the social media war. Usually, matters of sexism against Black women and Black and brown women left out of the feminist conversation are only discussed by Black feminists themselves. Considering anything Banks says and does gets the media in a bunch, in using a legit scholar’s (whose confronted these issues head on) as a backup source, she’s also opened the doors for talking about the unfair and prejudicial practices against Black women for even something as simple as hair and makeup, and we all know the hate goes beyond that.

Beauties, how do you feel about latest Azealia Banks issue?

Instagram Photo


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