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Yesterday, David Duke announced that he was considering running for a seat in Congress. We otherwise wouldn’t mind, except his last major role in leadership was as the leader of the terrorist group the Ku Klux Klan.

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The voice of White supremacy, once given the nickname of “Grand Wizard,” Duke will likely serve as a threat to former colleague, Steve Scalise, who is the current U.S. House of Representatives Majority Whip (aka he makes sure the Republicans remain disciplined in legislature/law-making).

This possible growing feud became public while Duke was on Louisiana radio and referred to Scalise as a “sell-out.” Scalise, in 2002, spoke before the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO), a White nationality group Duke had founded. It only just last month however that Scalise finally got roasted for it and issued an apology, saying it was “mistake I regret”. He also criticized “the divisive racial and religious views groups like these hold.”

Since the apology, Duke and Scalise had a falling out and the so-called “Wizard” put Scalise on blast in about his apology, telling him that he should resign from the House. Live on the air, to Jim Engster he said:

“Steve Scalise, let me tell you something, this is the way I view it now: I mean this guy is a sellout. I mean he’s a sellout. He’s not David. He used to say that he was David Duke of course without the baggage, whatever that means.”

“The New York Times admitted that the Republican Party won office and got control of the United States House of Representatives, essentially on my political issues. Opposed to the massive illegal immigration, the issues of welfare reform, so many other issues that I’ve talked about, and but the difference is with someone like me Steve Scalise, or David Vitter, you know the prostitution king. The difference between myself and those guys is that I did not sellout. I’ve never sold out…”

He also added a few minutes later:

“He said specifically that he shouldn’t have gone to the European American Unity and Rights Organization. That he shouldn’t have done it, it was a terrible mistake. He shouldn’t…what he’s basically saying is that 60% of his district, the same people by the way who voted for him that they’re just nothing but a bunch of racists. You know, I’ve said nothing at that conference any different that I ran for office on. It wasn’t a klan meeting. It wasn’t any sort of a radical meeting, it was a meeting that said there was European American rights, right? So he is a sellout, right? Because, you know he can’t meet with members of his own district who have opinions like I have but he meets with radical blacks who have total opposite political positions than him–“

After that last bit, Engster made the quick move in going to a commercial break, likely saving Duke from making any other choice statements he might later regret. It’s like each of them are trying to convince anyone that will listen that they do not hold on to their White supremacist beliefs anymore.

This wouldn’t be the first time Duke’s attempted at a bigger seat in politics. In the past, the former felon has unsuccessfully run for the Louisiana State Senate, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Governor of Louisiana, and was a candidate for both the Democratic and Republican primaries in ’88 and ’92.

Here’s hoping his above track record remains the same for 2015 and beyond.


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