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Three teens, Dominic “Nick” McDaniel, 18, Issac M. “Malik” Carter and Ce-Antonyo D. Kennedy, both 17, have been charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action for the alleged brutal beating and shooting death of the 14-year-old Alexis Kane. According to reports, Alexis’ body was found outside The Bay Waterpark in Kansas City on Jan. 11, not far from her school.

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Court reports and surveillance video show that Alexis got into a car with two of the suspects at a 7-Eleven. She was supposed to be meeting with someone she had been speaking with Facebook named “Malik.” Her friends warned her not to get in the car, but she did. Alexis’ friends claimed that they followed the car with Alexis in it. Eventually, they lose the car, so Alexis friends text her, urging her to put on her location service on her phone so they can find her.

It’s being reported that the suspects went to Grandview apartment and then left, heading towards The Bay Waterpark. That’s where surveillance video picked up footage of one of the teens hitting Alexis in the face with a handgun. It then showed the other two passing the gun to one another to shoot her multiple times, killing her.
Alexis mom, LoShonda Kane, warned mothers, “I ask all mothers please protect your children.” she said.
Over 100 Kansas City police officers rallied together to find these suspects and prosecutors could make no sense of her death and therefore couldn’t pin down a motive for Alexis’ death.

“There is just no sense to this. I can’t give you a motive. It’s senseless. A 14-year-old is no longer with us. I cannot give you a reason that makes any sense,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said. “Alexis’ death is really terrible. This is about as terrible as I can imagine. But what is also terrible is that today I’m charging 17 and 18-year-olds in her killing.”

This is just a whole new type of evil. So many lives…gone. These young men are likely going to prison for the rest of their lives after taking a 14-year-old girl away from this world. And for what? Entertainment? What is happening? Beauties, sound off in the comments below.


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