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snowpocolypseBaby, it’s cold outside! In case you’re living under a rock, you’ve missed the big snowstorm named Juno that’s currently wreaking havoc in the northeast. We’re not the type to let a snowstorm get us down, even if we’re snowed in. We don’t have to be stressed out! There’s a million and one different apps out there and we can literally say there is an app for everything. But did you know there’s an app for blizzards?

Well, not really, but yes really. From getting the latest in celebrity beauty to finding a cuddle buddy to getting your meal prepared for the evening in, we’ve got seven apps that will make your blizzard survival easy and fun. Stay warm!


1. So Beautiful

Being snowed in is the perfect time to brush up on all your latest beauty obsessions. From exclusive “how-to” videos from the industry’s top influencers, to must-read hair and skin care advice from the world’s top experts, #TeamBeautiful has created a way for you beauties to always be in the know. And let’s just say that you’re an expert yourself, you can also show off your expertise by uploading your picks of the top style and beauty trends of the season.



2. Spotify

Music is what we all need to keep us from getting cabin fever. Sure, we will all be playing “Frozen” more times that we’re willing to admit and Elsa really ain’t got nothing on us, but you should definitely use this time to build a solid playlist that will keep you feeling warm. Spotify is an excellent curator of mood and genre playlists. Their Tranquility with a Beat list of Acoustic Morning would be a great with some hot cocoa and falling snow.


3. Seamless

Many restaurants will be open during the blizzard.  If you or your date are starving during the blizzard, head to seamless and then call the restaurant you like directly to make sure they are indeed delivering. TIP WELL.


4. Kitchen Surfing

What a great time to cook, since you’re stuck inside. We don’t mean you cooking! Are you crazy? You just got a manicure. But luckily for you, there’s an app for that! All you have to do is go on the app and you’ll have a chef come to your house and make you dinner right in your apartment! No, seriously–they still have appointments tomorrow that they’re honoring.


5. Sing! Karaoke

You will need something to entertain you. And Lord knows we’re not talking about Candy Crush. Try a new app on for size. Love to sing or can yo kinda sorta hit high notes? Check out Sing! Karaoke, an app that will let you sing karaoke with people all over the world. You can do solo, duets or group efforts. Earn points by singing and hitting the right notes. You can also join in on people’s songs and invite them to sing with you. There’s autotune so you can get your T-Pain on and more vocal filters that will allow you change up your sound.


6. Tinder

We are in the middle of cuffing season and with snowy blizzards threatening our freedom, the pressure to link up with a lover is on. In fact, we just saw an article claiming that men and women are flocking to Craigslist in search of a blizzard boo. You don’t have to go to Craiglist. There’s an app for that. Check out Tinder. You can log in with Facebook and find a blizzard boo who is less than a mile away. Swipe to the right, you want to know this person and to the left, you want to sing the words of Beyonce’s hit to them, “To the left, to the left…” When you mutually like one another, it becomes a match and now, you can flirt about what the best cuddle movies and positions are.


7. What’s App

Communication is key. And just in case the phone lines go down (does that still happen in this digital age?), we have a backup way to communicate with our loved ones–What’s App. This app allows you to send text, voice, photo and video messages with one person or a group.

You’re welcome. Happy Snowpocolypse!


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