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As Floyd Mayweather rose from relative obscurity as a boxer to become the undefeated champion of the world in five different weight classes, one woman stood by him. Her name is Tasha Robinson-White and now she’s revealing what she saw in the champ’s life on the way up and in the glittery promised land, according to the Daily Mail.

Robinson-White, whose book “Right Hand To The Champ” was published this week, was by Mayweather’s side nearly everyday for 12 years as his assistant, she reveals in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online:

In a sensational account of the sportsman’s personal life Tasha, 42, reveals how Mayweather became deeply consumed by the trappings of wealth; lost $15 million after being duped by a con man; surrounded himself with an entourage of paid strippers and hangers on; and gave cash and presents to strangers.

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