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Mona Scott-Young is back to referee…er, host, the Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood reunion show. Part one begins with the Ray J/Teirra/Princess storyline, which rehashed everything from the first couple episodes with the whole feminine product box situation. After clearing the air regarding that past incident, Willy Norwood Jr. continued to apologize for his actions, but also professed his love for Princess, who’s seemingly over the unintentional swimming lesson.


Next, we move on to the Hazel E vs. everybody portion of the show. But before becoming the topic of discussion, the aspiring rapper made some waves at the very beginning of the show with the disclosure of a previous relationship. After being called out by Berg, Hazel confirmed that she’d in fact had a physical relationship with Ray J, prior to dealing with the Hitmaka. Naturally, this tidbit just added fuel to the fire, as Masika and her former friend exchanged pleasantries for good 15 minutes or so.


But that was just the beginning for the model, as Nikki and her mother hit the stage and made the former Playboy TV star their target. With threats and enough b-words flying back and forth to fill a kennel, the highlight of the night might’ve came from this particular segment. Nikki’s mother, who kinda looks like she’d make a great character on South Park, threatened to get naked. That’s right, this fairly aged woman claimed she’d give Masika the run of her life if the two of them were to get naked for everyone to see. Thankfully this is network television and not HBO, because your TV screens would’ve likely been filled with vintage vag.


Take a look at the first installment below, and look out for the second half to debut tomorrow.


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