Early in a decisive win over the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton’s second touchdown, an impressive jump-over-the-pile stunt— and the celebration that followed— quickly sparked an all-out fight on the field. By the end of the scuffle, two players had personal fouls and the Panthers’ own Brandon Williams was ejected for running in and throwing punches.

Watch a video of the whole thing below:

Here you can see the Washington Football Team's #71 Trent Williams apparently fall asleep on the offensive line, wake up, and turn around to see his quarterback getting acquainted with a Rams linebacker.

Later in the game, the same #71 seemed to watch Colt McCoy get sacked right in front of him, one of six sacks the Rams had on him by the end of the game.

The 24-0 win over the Washington Football Team earned St. Louis back-to-back shutouts—the first time that’s happened since 2009—and an ongoing streak of 83 unanswered points (76-0 over the last two games). All that for a sub .500 team?


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