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Only a day after Cassidy and Dizaster were forced to postpone their battle thanks to venue restrictions, the two rappers faced off with rhymes in a Beverly Hills, Calif. parking garage. The rematch (held Sunday, Dec. 8) was actually a continuation of the previous night’s bout and one organized by Fresh Coast Media Group’s Lush One, who also acted as the event’s host, and FilmOn.

The battle, which is available on pay-per-view, has gotten rave reviews from many of the culture’s most prominent figures, including Daylyt, who spoke to us following the garage event, to break down the battle from his perspective.

“The first round was very debatable,” Daylyt explained. “The second round is going to be debatable based on the listener. Some people are going to say, ‘Dizaster was talking facts. Although it wasn’t getting crowd reaction, he was talking facts.’ Then, you’re going to have some people who say, ‘Cassidy won bar-for-bar.’ It’s going to be a debate regardless. In the third, I think Dizaster ended his third very poorly and Cassidy ended very strong. People may base the battle on how you end the fight. Ending the fight is very important. But hip hop won today.”

Daylyt’s take on hip hop being the victor also led him to elaborate on why smaller crowds lead to better battles.

“Today proves to the world that battle rap is not meant to go Hollywood,” he said. “It’s not designed for big stages. It is designed to stay in small, tight-knit circles where it’s based on lyricism, not drunk fans. By the last battle of the night, you have a crowd full of drunk fans who don’t understand anything [at big events]. But everybody that was here tonight was mostly sober. They were here to listen. That’s what made this battle that much better.”

This made Daylyt so adamant that he said he would be starting a new movement as a result.

“I’m starting a protest movement right now, #BanTheBigStage,” Daylyt added. “We don’t give a fuck about ticket sales. Battle rappers will take pay cuts to put out a better quality battle, just for one event. As battle rap leagues, we need to all come together and take one on the house. A small event, hosted by Organik, Lush One and Smack. Night of the Small Rooms. Battle rap is back.”

Daylyt wasn’t the only rapper on the scene. Serius Jones, Okwerdz, and Danny Myers were also on hand for this battle. Okwerdz said the battle was a “close” one and Myers thought Cassidy won it. Lush One would later say the polls were “dead even” on Twitter.

For the uninitiated, this era of battling doesn’t judge a majority of its battles. Instead, leagues have opted to leave the decision up to fans who tend to vote with comments on YouTube and other platforms. If you were able to catch the pay-per-view, who do you think came out victorious?


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