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A lot of people are giving Andrew Caldwell some side eye over his claims that he was “delivert” from homosexuality.

People may have gotten a good giggle out of Andrew’s claims that the Lord washed away his desire for men and that he will marry “a women,” but they’re simply not buying his story for a variety of reasons.

Conventional wisdom states that although sexuality may be fluid, it is highly unlikely that one would swing from one end of the Kinsey Scale to the other in the blink of an eye. “Every reputable scientific study on this experience says you cannot change someone’s orientation,” one rep from the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center pointed out to WMCA Action News 5.

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Meanwhile, a Memphis internet radio host who has spoken with Andrew said there are some shifty things about other claims he’s made. This leads him to believe that Andrew may not have untainted motivations for claiming “My conclusion is that he’s a con artist. He’s scam artist,” said Thaddeus Matthews. “He says he’s going to medical school online. Where do you go online?”

That is a perfectly valid question, but more alarming than that is another detail of Andrew’s checkered past. One reporter dug up a mug shot of the viral video star from May, when he was arrested for fraudulent insurance.

Andrew claims he hasn’t made any money from the clip, which was shot at a Church of God in Christ event. However, he can clearly be seen on getting $100 from the presiding pastor. And then, there’s this little tidbit: Andrew now has a manager. Given the fact that he only became internet famous on Monday it is a little weird that he’s already sought out professional representation.


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