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For all those folks that experience a “case of the Monday’s” on a weekly basis, Mona Scott-Young‘s got the cure. We’re in our tenth week of ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood‘ and have seen everything from utter confusion and chaos, to all the hilarity a person can imagine. The latest episode isn’t any different.


We pick up where the last show ended, with Masika’s billboard release party. Seeing that Hazel, Nikki, and Teirra were all under the very same roof, things were bound to get out of hand. Nikki decides to approach Masika about the unveiling and makes it known that she doesn’t approve. With Teirra playing mediator, Hazel also decides to come over to the group and express her thoughts and feelings toward the songstress and newly-minted billboard model. So now all four are in a square-off of “he said, she said” with Hazel-E being the focal point of attack. The scene was actually pretty funny and confusing at the same time, being that Hazel basically volunteered herself for a heavy dose of verbal abuse. Considering how the show has gone thus far, it seems like she’s a glutton for punishment.


And speaking of abuse, we jump back into the FizzAmandaMoniece situation, and the former B2K star’s on-again-off-again girlfriend is pretty angry about being rag-dolled by Cameron’s mother. The odd part of the exchange between Amanda and Drew was her request that he do more than talk to Moniece. It almost sounded as if she wanted him to see his son’s mother and lay hands on her. Considering all the attention being placed on domestic disputes right now, Fizz doing anything other than having a conversation with Moniece, wouldn’t be among his best interests.


The best interests of Willy Ray Norwood Jr. became the next focal point, as he’s beginning to face the music regarding his troubles with the law. He has a meeting with his father and is encouraged to make amends with Teirra and to essentially “grow up.” But Ray’s father wasn’t the only one resonating with a young man, as Soulja Boy and Nia discuss the meeting between he and Teddy Riley. While she didn’t mention any feedback that her dad had given her, she did mention that her father’s probably interested in action over words. Nia’s solution was that they move forward with moving in with one another, but young Soulja found a way to dodge that bullet like Neo in the ‘Matrix‘. Citing his promise to keep Nia and the baby safe, DeAndre used his upcoming tour in Brazil as an excuse to postpone the cohabitation. My man got that idea up outta there like someone being relieved of their sins…whoops!


And finally we get to the portion that all women love: the “awww” moment. Omarion and Apryl were going through the birthing stages at various segments of the show. The final minutes of the program were dedicated to the couple welcoming their new son into the world. This was likely the space where everyone forgot what exactly they were watching. That lasted for a good six seconds, as the previews for next week’s episode arrived, and it looks a scene outta ‘Baby Boy’. Tons of “I Hate You’s” and “I Love You’s” packed into 60 brand new minutes.


For now, check this week’s version below.


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