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Rapper Remy Ma appeared on Wendy Williams today and she was very candid with Wendy and talked about her recent time in prison, revealing what the first things she did once she was released, setting the record straight on beef rumors with Nicki Minaj and she even gave advice to “Real Housewives Of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice as she heads to prison.

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Remy Ma told Wendy how she always watched the show in prison and the show was “the root of a couple physical altercations. I mean it’s one TV and there’s 60 women and we only get to watch at certain times and I was like, I’m watching Wendy, we’re watching it.”

After “6 years, 4 months, 5 days and 15 minutes” in prison Remy Ma told Wendy the first thing she did when she arrived home was, “I took a shower. No, no seriously, for 6 1/2 years I took a shower with shoes on because you don’t want to step on the floor and you can’t touch the walls, so I was just in the tub rubbing my hand on the tile.” The first thing Remy ate once she got out was “Popeye’s” and when it came to getting her hair done, Remy Ma explained, “Oh that was waiting at the house!”

When speaking about her marriage with Papoose she said, “I believe that me being away actually brought us closer than we would be if I was home. It made us understand how precious we are to each other. ”She laughed when Wendy asked if she’s had conjugal visits.

On maintaining a mother role she added, “I watch him everyday in the house and I just be like, who is this person. I’m starting to learn, you know, things that he likes and that he doesn’t like and little sleeping habits and weird stuff.”

Remy Ma also revealed that she made friends while in prison but told Wendy, “I can’t be in contact with them though due to my parole stipulations.” She also reveled that 50 Cent sent her “wonderful letters” for her appeal.

Wendy asked Remy Ma about the rumors that there is a feud between her and Nicki Minaj and she explained, “That’s not true. We speak often and I’m very proud of her and she wishes me the best and I wish her the best all the time.” Remy Ma also gave advice to mother and reality star Teresa Giudice, “As much as she can, stay on the phone with them. Write them letters, you know, have people bring them to see her as much as they can. As much as you can, try to communicate with your children and don’t lie to them.” Remy even bust a freestyle for Wendy!

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