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So true story, this is an idea I have had ever since a very special night at The Kimmel Center.  I was doing my usual monthly hosting and on this night the young jazz orchestra performed and I was floored!  It was about 10 boys from the ages of 13-17 and they repped ALL colors!!  So the next morning I came into work thinking we should give love to all the DopeKids like the ones in this orchestra.  And when I tell yall I was amazed by the calls I received! My call to action was, “Call up and shout out the DopeKid in your life Doing Dope Things!”.  Some of the calls I got went from one kid who started a stuttering support group and hes only 12, to another kid that started a running group and one who started a rock band!  Just DOPE KIDS!  So I thought to myself, this should be a movement!  But before I could start the movement I needed a logo.  I wanted a logo for DopeKids made by a DopeKid!  So I reached out to my good friend Aisha Winfield from this Dope program for kids called Jr. Music Exec!  And here is her nomination for the 1st Dope Kid, Dash aka @YoungMessiah_!


So everyFriday I will post on social media the opportunity to nominate someone to be a DopeKid.  How do you nominate the DopeKid in your life?

1.  Post a video online telling the world why the kid in your life is so dope

2.  Hashtag it #DopeKids and tag me (@laiyasworld) on it

3.  By Monday I will check the number of “likes” to select the DopeKid of the week!  And then I post your video and a picture on Hot1079’s IG page and Hot1079philly.com

Coming soon we will have a DopeKid of the month!  In the meantime to learn more about how Dope Dash (@YoungMessiah_) is, check out his website