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There’s more to Sasheer Zamata than her awesome sense of humor; she’s pretty good at giving advice, too!

The “Saturday Night Live” cast member shared her thoughts on life and love during a Q&A session with Rookie magazine for their Ask a Grown Woman feature.

The advice seemed more geared toward teens that are confused about new situations they’re facing, but it’s still decent guidance just the same. For example, one girl asked whether she should feel obligated to help a guy out simply because he’s shown an interest in her.

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That might seem like a good idea to the kind and uninitiated, but Sasheer had to explain that not everyone is worth your time.

“It’s nice that he’s giving you attention, but just because someone’s giving you attention doesn’t necessarily mean you need to give them attention back,” she said. “If you don’t really like him, it’s not really worth anyone’s time. There’s no reason to actually ‘humor’ someone just because you think it’ll, like make them feel better.”

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Another young lady was on the verge of becoming a shut-in because she’s just not prepared to handle all of the disgusting creepiness that is street/sexual harassment. Sadly, Sasheer had to let her know that some guys being entitled jerks is just part of life. The key in how to overcome their lack of social sensitivity on a personal level is in how you choose to respond.

The comedian even recalled an incident where a friend of hers confronted street harassment head on and shut an “underdeveloped individual” down. Those that don’t want to do that can find the reaction they’re most comfortable with. Whether you’re more bold

“You’re totally right to have all these feelings, but it shouldn’t get to a point where you don’t want to leave your house,” said Sasheer. “Harassment shouldn’t hinder your progress because you have things to do. You’ve got to go learn; you’ve got to go work; you’ve got to take care of yourself and keep being fabulous.”

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Sasheer also touched on the lesson that you have to teach people how to speak to you. One Latina just started an interracial relationship with a white guy that insists on referring to her as white. And he drops the n-word…a LOT!

The situation has left her a little confused, but Sasheer gave her one great way to cut through all the bs! “No matter what he’s calling you, if it’s a thing that you’re uncomfortable with, then you should totally tell him,” she said.

Sasheer also advised “Confused” to tell her boyfriend to stop using the N-word so liberally. “In America, the n-word has a lot of weight and history behind it. There’s a reason why people get offended by it, especially when white people say it,” the comedian informed. “Feel free to tell him to nip that in the bud, too, because maybe no one’s told him that. And someone probably should.”


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