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Today Wutang Clan’s The RZA‘s directorial debut, the dark, twisted fantasy of a kung-fu flick, The Man With The Iron Fists is finally in theaters. Produced by Quentin Tarantino and starring Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu RZA couldn’t have had a better set-up for his first film.  But how did he do?

“It was kind of a thrill to work with Bobby as a director because that’s a different that he’s wearing. That’s something I didn’t quite expect,” says Lucy Liu, who plays the beautiful but deadly brothel owner Madam Blossom.

“He’s incredibly collaborative and asks you to be part of the project and then he trusts you. He doesn’t come up to you between each take, which a lot of directors feel they have to do, and direct you. He kind of leaves you alone. That’s a special quality he has a director because he is also an artist. He knows that if you tamper too much with it, it becomes impure. And he has the ability to know how far he can push that.”

RZA also reunites with composer Howard Drossin , who he first met on Blade Trinity, to create the films score and soundtrack.

Watch’s interview with The RZA as he talks about recreating classic Wutang tracks with Drossin, the influence of Kanye West, and how exactly a man with two iron fists uses the bathroom.

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