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Police Chief Resigns After Sexual Misconduct Accusations

After grabbing a coffee this morning I was greeted by a 14-year-old girl in tears. This girl just so happens to be one of my most favorite people on the planet so I immediately wanted to know what was wrong. As she wiped the flowing tears from her eyes and attempted to gain control of her breath, she alerted me to the fact that people are, “Out here killing us like we don’t matter. Why don’t we matter though? Look at our President! How does this happen to us over and over like we don’t even have a black president?” At this point she started back to the painful sobs that only someone truly wounded on the inside at a gut wrenching level is able to utter. I hugged her and patted her back, still unsure of who “us” was and how we got to this particular place of such agony.

And then I thought about it for a moment. She said a few words that I put together and realized who “us” must be. And that moment, a sense of confusion washed over me. A little girl was saying what adults have been thinking for the last six years. How can they keep killing us when our President looks like us. How are they getting away with it?

How can we look into our children’s eyes and explain what we ourselves as the grownup’s don’t quite understand.

I simply muttered a frustrated, “I don’t know hon, I just don’t know.” and continued to pat her back to calm her down.

She told me that an unarmed black teenager was killed by police and that even though she didn’t know him she felt for him.

Another young man named John Crawford was recently shot and killed by police over a misunderstanding in a Wal-Mart in Beavercreeek, OH and this hit her hard as well because of our personal connection to that community.



What I didn’t know was that this girl had been watching every video clip she could get her hands on of the sixties in an attempt to understand what her family had fought in the streets for. She had always felt so lucky that her ancestors had resisted the BS that others attempted to impose upon them. But now it was different. In her young mind she was questioning if all was for not. Because, “If the police are supposed to protect us and they’re out there killing us, then who cares about our lives? Who keeps us from harm?”

Once again, I had nothing to make her feel better about this. I was so gobsmacked by the accuracy of her thinking while simultaneously wondering the same things myself.

Upon getting her together, I headed toward the closest TV and the internet for more info. Thanks to NewsOne, I found out about the sketchy details of yet another shooting of an unarmed black kid just trying to make his way to his destination.

The story in the video below was what our girl was reacting to.





Now, after seeing the Instagram footage from the scene I narrowed in on the words of the people. They were right. Where was the media? Where was the outrage? Wouldn’t the citizens of that community want to know such a thing had just happened to a child who by seemingly all accounts was walking home and minding his own business? Of course they would…right?

Brittany Noble, the reporter who received all the praise from the community for being the only reporter to cover the story the way it happened, addressed the fact that she didn’t see any other colleagues while she was reporting.

She took to her Instagram account saying,

“It’s true I didn’t run into any other tv reporters last night. #mikebrown #fergusonshooting … Didn’t realize this till now. Wow.”



Said Noble,

“I was in the middle of an #engagementphoto shoot when I checked my #Instagram & learned about the #fergusonshooting … I came into work to find out what happened to “mike mike.” #Ferguson #police can no longer handle this case, #County police investigating and so far no new details, but I will keep asking! #fergusonshooting”


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The Wal-Mart shooting happened in an upper middle class, predominantly Caucasian suburb of Dayton, OH. Folks there seem to be keeping relatively quiet about the incident. And since it was a young black guy from the Cincinnati area that fell victim in the situation we are guessing they are not going to be as up in arms as they would be had it been a young white guy from the local area. Of course then, one wonders if the local media would still call a young white kid who was snuffed out by the cops a “gunman” in this particular situation. He would probably be referred to as a prankster or something of that nature.

But what happens when an African American community feels those on overseer status are able to abuse and dismiss them without any provocation? That community gets sick and tired of feeling helpless and begins to seek ways of gaining power over themselves. Whether it be through casting votes or other means of finding justice they will do so. You can not keep your boot in the neck of folks forever because at some point together they will rise up and be heard. It looks like this was just such a day for the people of Ferguson.

And while I’m not saying all cops are bad because I don’t think that at all. I am saying there must be something done to prevent people from being accosted for the crime of being black and minding their own dog gone business.

As for the disillusioned 14-year-old girl (who at age 8  not only went door to door in racist neighborhoods soliciting votes for the first Black President but actually spoke to him and got hugs and praise from both he and his wife once a upon a time) she just emerged back into the living room to let all of us know that although her dream is to be an animator she feels maybe she needs to be a judge instead! Because, “Somebody has got to care about our people. If it can’t be Obama maybe it can be me.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

Check out Headkrack from the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” and the song he created called “Track Me Down” which is dedicated to this particular topic in the player below! Whenever I hear about this kind of thing it’s one of the first songs I reach for.




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