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Could a feud be brewing between Lil Mo and Prince?!?  Prince was set to perform at this weekend’s Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.  Prior to coming to the stage, Lil Mo wanted to use the restroom and security allegedly pushed her in the stomach and prohibited her from going to the bathroom and that didn’t sit well.  Due to frustration of the whole matter, she went to her Instagram and posted this message,

“the muthaF*UKIN NOLA police just tried me and @dynamiteKO we had VIP passes to meander the whole superdome dude talmbout “we gotta hold the walk through cuz PRINCE coming through the back” b*tch wtf. i dont want to see him. i had to PEE. this industry sh*t is CRAZY. erbody think they not human!! mannnnn…I’m GONE”- Lil Mo Instagram

She went on to elaborate on IG by writing this message,

“yall have NO idea how these celebs be actin. and I’m not gonna eem bother they a**. i had to pee I’m real life. i was pushed in my stomach cuz somebody was coming through. i just want to sing and take care of MY family. f*uk all this EXTRA unnecessary sh*t dawg,”-Lil Mo Instagram

Apparently after the incident, Prince must have gotten word of it and a subliminal tweet went out stating,

“WINNER OF THE CAPTION THIS PICTURE THANG: “I hope she know, none of her clothes match.”,” -Prince twitter