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4 Year Old Destroys Babysitter’s Plan To “Blame The Black Man” In Home Robbery

It’s no secret that “blame the black man” is a time honored tradition in America. And since there is still so much fear and suspicion that lingers when it comes to black men, it’s proven quite effective, even today, when you want to pin a crime on someone. But luckily, four year old Abby Dean of Milwaukee was there to save the day with her heroic honesty. When Abby’s 17 year old babysitter claimed that her employer’s home had been burglarized by two black men, it was Abby who stepped forward to set the record straight. Read more.

Unearthing the 1st Free African-American Community

backhoe gouged a neat T-shaped scar into a grassy lot in downtown Hampton, Va., revealing … dirt. You could see dark patches in the soil—some circular, others square, most blob-like—but it was still just dirt to the layperson. To archaeologist Dave Hazzard, though, these splotches may be man-made “features,” or possible evidence of one of the first self-contained communities of free African Americans in the nation, the Grand Contraband Camp. Read more.

Tea Party Will Be Closely Watched For Voter Intimidation In Mississippi Senate Runoff

The Justice Department said Monday it will closely monitor Mississippi’s U.S. Senate runoff election for voter intimidation after conservative groups said they would send poll watchers to the state. “The department is aware of concerns about voter intimidation and is monitoring the situation,” a Justice Department spokesman said in a statement to several media outlets. “Voters that experience problems are encouraged to call 1-800-253-3931.” The Mississippi secretary of state and the attorney general said they also would monitor polls in Tuesday’s Republican runoff. Read more.

Michelle Obama ‘Definitely’ Will Not Go Into Politics After Leaving The White House

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama will not go into politics after leaving the White House, she said on Monday, dismissing rumors she might follow in the footsteps of predecessor Hillary Clinton and run for the Senate after her husband leaves office. At an event to promote family-friendly workplace policies, the wife of President Barack Obama was asked whether her next move would be political. “No, it will not be political. It definitely will not be. It will be mission-based, service-focused,” Mrs. Obama told ABC newscaster Robin Roberts. Read more.

Obama Reveals What He Loves Most About Being President

President Barack Obama revealed what he loves most about being president while speaking at the White House Summit on Working Families Monday. “It’s true, Air Force One’s on the list,” Obama said as the crowd laughed. “The Truman balcony is a really nice view.” But Obama said even those perks aren’t the best part of holding the nation’s top office. “One of the best perks about being president is almost anyone will hand you their baby,” Obama joked before imitating handing off a baby and saying, “Here!” “I get this baby fix like, two or three times a week,” Obama said before reflecting on spending time with his own daughters during their infancies. Read more.

Nigeria Concludes Kidnap Investigation; More Than 200 Schoolgirls Still Missing

Nigeria closed its investigation of the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls on Friday, with little progress made in recovering the girls, who were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants from their secondary school in northeast Borno state during exams April 14, according to Reuters. Read more.

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