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Saniyyah Bilal is the founder of Curio Styling Consultants, Curio’s motto is “Dare to be Unique and Own it”! Though Saniyyah’s company is based in Philadelphia, her talents are limitless and she doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. Read below for a sneak peek into Saniyyah’s views on fashion do’s and dont’s and a personal touch behind her company, Curio Styling Consultants.

1.What is the significance behind the name “Curio Styling Consultants? Curio stems from the word curiosity. Curio is an unusual article or object of art valued as a curiosity. Styling Consultants simply explains the professional industry my business is categorized in. My style strives to exude curiosity in people and the looks I put together. I want people to look at my work and get different understandings and perspective of what I portrayed.

2. What motivates you to continue on your entrepreneurial path? It is very rewarding inspiring others and my trust in Allah (God). I know he gave me this talent, diligence and network to succeed and be great. When I have days where I struggle seeing the bigger picture I try to remember why I started and thank Allah (swt) for what he has blessed me with.

3.What is the hardest challenge you came across while styling a client? When I was asked to style a project for a client I never met before and only had one day to pull together 6-7 looks. Being unaware of the client’s exact sizing and style preference could have been problematic but as always it worked out.

 4. Who are your top three fashion forward celebrities and why?

Catherine Baba is really your stylist’s favorite stylist. You never see her dress down or conforming to trends. She is a walking style manual. A lot of people do not know of her but she is great in her own right and has made a footprint in fashion just like the big names.

Janelle Monae is such a modest person in her character and exquisite style which I truly respect. She has stayed true to herself all while attaining her utmost success. In this day and time that deems an award with nakedness becoming ubiquitously accepted. Plus her music is great!

June Ambrose – I like June Ambrose not only beacuse I met her, lol. She is the epitome of a super mom. She is superb at her craft as a fashion stylist while also sustaining a strong family structure. June has exhibited what it takes to make your passion for styling a viable business, that takes a lot of work & a creative business mind. Her story is so relatable, her style is maverick and she is an overall fun individual.

5. What is one fashion trend you would erase, if you had the power to do so?

The fashion trend of barely wearing fashion at all. Women need to gain the respect for their bodies again. You can be sexy and respectfully dressed without it all being out (figuratively & literally).

6. Besides fashion what are some of your other interest and hobbies?

I love to volunteer my time as a mentor for my local Muslim Girl Scout Troop – Alimah Scouts, teach my fashion skill and knowledge to my girls at SCH CAPA, tye dye clothing, spend quality time with my family

 7. List your top 5 rules of looking fashion forward at all times?

1. Wear clothing that fits you not just because you like it

2. Be comfortable

3. Dont be a fashion slave – interpret your own style with any trend

4. Always add accessories to your look whether its a ring, fashion frames, statement necklace or neck scarf etc – it adds an instantaneous unique styling feature

5. Update your wardrobe by adding new staple pieces. This allows your wardrobe to look refreshed each season without you actually having to buy a whole new wardrobe four times out of the year.


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Checkout these lovely ladies styled by Curio Styling Consultants! “Dare to be Unique and Own It!

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