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Patricia Buckworth‘s son, Roderick, risked his life by shielding his mother from the gunfire of a neighbor who broke into their apartment Tuesday evening, according to NBC 10 News.

Roderick, 19, who is a criminal justice major at Wesley College, was at home with his mother in Pine Creek, Dela., when their neighbor, Jason Brunson, broke into their home and started shooting. The teen pushed a dresser in front of the door to try to prevent Brunson from gaining access to them and then jumped in front of his mother to protect her from the gunfire. He was shot twice and Patricia was hit once. One of the bullets that hit Roderick was just a one centimeter away from a major artery.

When Brunson, 41, stopped firing his weapon, Patricia and Roderick were able to flee the apartment and flag down a UPS driver who summoned police.

As police officers made their way to the Buckworth’s apartment complex, Brunson turned the gun on himself. The gunman was dead by the time investigators arrived on the scene. Patricia and Roderick were taken to a local hospital for treatment and both are in stable condition.

Neither Patricia or Roderick has a clue why Brunson targeted them and say they never knew him.


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