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po-johnson-gettyWhen you ask “LaLa’s Full Court Life” co-star Po Johnson if there’s a line she wouldn’t go beyond, the answer comes quick and easy. “I haven’t come across that line yet… That line disappeared a long time ago,” She says with a quiet smile. “If there is something that I won’t do or tell the world I won’t do, I haven’t figured that out yet,” she says with a chuckle. “Put it like that!”

While millions of viewers have witnessed the fearless lifestyle acted out in the visuals for her “Do It Again” video and millions more  are quite familiar with the cute girl who popped up on LaLa Anthony‘s couch and never left, the causal watcher of the show based around the life and times of former MTV VJ, wouldn’t know that the carefree girl from the couch who’s “trying to sing now” was actually an actress/singer/songwriter who went to college for production management. But Po doesn’t think that info will make it off the cutting room floor.



“The show doesn’t talk about me being in production because that’s not the story that I think VH-1 wants to tell,” she admits. “But that’s why I love doing interviews like that because you get to know me.”

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