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OK so let’s have an honest moment.  As excited as you are about this year’s Roots Picnic you really don’t know at least half of these artists on the bill.  It’s ok you are not alone.  Don’t tell anyone, but neither do I lol.  Listen every year I have this same conversation with Questlove, like “who are all these people”.  He generally responds “just watch you’re gonna love it Laiya”.  I hate to admit it,  but he is generally right. So how about we get to know these folks before the show?  This way we can decide ahead of time who we really like!  So here is my attempt.

We started with Emily Wells  continued with Roman Gianrthur, Chill Moody, Electric HustleJust BlazeBad Rabbits and now Rudimental




So Rudimental is a UK Band, which consists of  Piers Agget, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and DJ Locksmith (Leon Rolle).  They have gone platinum in several countries.  But what caught my eye about this band was this video for the song, “Feel The Love”.  As I was watching it I found myself looking at the city in the background and the Black kids on horses prancing through the city and thinking, “Thats Philly!”.  Sure enough I did my research and this video was shot in North Philly.  Not only that but it highlights this awesome program called the  Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, a longtime homegrown community-based program for youth.It has been viewed over 30 million times.  Anyway back to the music.  Check out the video for “Feel The Love” and Feel The Love!




If it has you feeling the love, meet me at the Roots Picnic Saturday!

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